Monday, January 26, 2009

Judaism rejects Zionism

"We seek the return of all Palestinian refugees to their rightful land.

We seek to live in the land of Palestine as anti Zionist Jews.

To reside as loyal and peaceful Palestinian citizens, in peace and harmony with our Muslim Brethren.

Just as our ancestors lived in Palestine for centuries before the usurpations of this tragic century."

Jews united against Zionism:


Consider the following:

One of the greatest myths created by the zionist movement is the claim that zionism is a fulfillment of the historical aspiration of every jew to return to Palestine. By the year 250 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt contained the largest number of jews in the world; most had fled from Palestine.

These Palestinian Jews would never return to Jerusalem.

As Judaism spread due to vigorous proselytizing, Jewish communities, which emerged in Yemen, India, China, Italy and France, never considered migrating to Jerusalem or Palestine.

Even during the periods of extreme persecution, such as under the Romans at various times, and under the Spaniards after the demise of Islamic Rule in the Iberian Peninsula, there was never a movement to migrate to Palestine.

The Jews who fled the Spanish Inquisition went to other parts of Europe, to North Africa, and to other regions of the Islamic world.

The central idea of Zionism, an organized worldwide Jewish migration to Palestine, has no precedence in Jewish history.

Zionist occupation of Palestine has no moral, historical or religious basis.

The question here is:

Do you think that Zionism is racist?

Why do you think religious Rabbis are protesting against Zionism?

Do you think that Zionism breeds violence?


Background reading:

Background Video: CBS report: Is Peace out of reach? (25/1/2009)

Has peace in the Middle East become nothing more than a pipe dream? As Bob Simon reports, a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians feel that a two-state solution is no longer possible.


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