Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel's Right to "Self -Defense"

We are by now familiar with the over-abused "defense" card. It is continually used to explain away the mass murder of civilians and to support the pathetic "we had no choice" argument.

It says that Hamas rhetoric and their ineffectual tin pot rockets are so awful that it's ok to deliberately kill children.

If you want more offensive rhetoric try the "better Zip-it-up" Livni saying "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" or anything out of the mouth of aussie Mark Regev from the moment he wakes to the second he sleeps.

Why more offensive? Because Israel not only claims the moral high ground, they also claim sole and uncontested ownership of it!

They assume, quite mistakenly, that they are automatically right because they are automatically the victims.

And it's always self defense against terrorists; even as they scrawl hate graffiti on the wrecked walls of homes & mosques they've destroyed for no other reason than a Palestinian lived or worshiped there.

Except this loathsome theory is the product of twisted minds in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem, and inside IDF tanks.

Israel's words bear no relation at all to it's deeds, and its constant pontificating on it's own moral superiority is a worthless exercise in emotional self-delusion as the Gaza Genocide has proven.

The injustice of Israel's actions over 61 years just leaps out of the page, only to be slammed shut by a residue of international guilt, perverted international political structures, good old fashioned religious bigotry, and by Israel officially & publicly abandoning the last remnants of it's humanity.

Israeli "Defense" Forces are Mass Murderers of women & children. Your politicians are War Criminals. Plain and simple.

It's there for all to see, in front of your eyes, unless you're Mark Regev and can call every broken child in Gaza a politically motivated liar.

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