Monday, January 26, 2009

Is CNN really allowing free speech on ireport?

The ireport I posted on bias in the media was pulled three times.
Below is the discussion I tried to initiate in good faith.


"Wars today are fought on the battlefield, or in this case in the crowded streets of Gaza, the rest is won or lost on television screens and through public perception.

The vast majority of Israelis see this as a military success, but approval of Israel's operation around the world - even among its strongest allies - could be undermined by a disturbingly high Palestinian civilian death toll and misery inflicted on a far wider target than Hamas."

Which would be true in Europe but not in the US where the Jewish Lobby ensures that the pictures of the suffering and devastation wrought on an incarcerated population of 1.5m people in the open air prison that is Gaza is kept well hidden. This obstruction of the truth goes against the very essence of journalism and only serves to increase misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred.

So how do you propose that Arabs in general & Palestinians in particular can get a fair hearing in the US media?


My Question to you now is:
Have you had your ireport pulled?
If so then how is ireport actually promoting free speech?
Where else can we go to be heard?


You can vote here:

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