Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Re-Birth of Arab Pride

Sheer elation. Indescribable admiration. A sense of pride. But most of all, awe.

They pulled it off. And how!

If you ever doubt that you can make a difference, take a leaf out of Egypt's latest papyrus. They have irrevocably changed the course of history in the Middle East!

For the past 18 days we watched, cheered & cried in desperation & frustration as the fortitude & resilience of the protesters was challenged time & time again.

The culmination of their sheer determination & national pride was inspirational.

That people of all walks of life could be so united & connected helped renew our faith not only in humanity but in our very ethnicity.

Long reputed to be Om il-Donya (Mother of the World), Egypt delivered. They have reunited Arabs with their essence and more importantly reminded us that human dignity & freedom are basic rights that we are all entitled to.

People power in the age of social media is no longer a myth. We can make a difference. Small ripples lead to huge changes.

"Yes we can" has been usurped by "Yes we did!" . Egyptian's have walked the talk and set a role model not just for Arabs but for people everywhere.

Clearly the road to Egypt's liberation from 30 years of regime abuse & corruption will take time but when 80 million people share the same vision & aspirations, they can move pyramids, literally.

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